How to Download Tank Trouble on Computer

Over the years there has been development of multiple games and changes in technologies have allowed us to get the best graphically advanced games out there. I personally am someone who likes to play games a lot on my computer and get the best entertainment. If gaming is your drug too then you are in for a ride because we aim to help you out and get some of the most amazing games downloaded right onto your PC devices. The apps that we are talking about today goes by the name of Tank Trouble Unblocked. It is one of the most up and coming games of a dying generation of games.

We all know and have played flash based games in our early days and slowly there has been a massive decline in the number of people who have been playing such games. Well, there still are some people out there who enjoy this dying art and aim to make the most usages out of it. I have been personally enjoying the occasional flash game adventure when the internet is down or something is up with the routers. Thus today we are going to be helping all of you out as well and ensure that you can play your favorite games for free of costs by one simple download.

About Tank Trouble for Computer

Tank trouble is one of the most popular as well as the hottest flash game in the market with many online versions. It is a game that has been designed mainly for users from all around the world to get their hands on some quick entertainment while they are online for free of costs. The game has been designed and developed with the help of the Danish Mad purups who are known for their amazing level designs. It is a maze based game made for two or more people to enjoy at the same time on the same computer. Thus it is one of the most popular offline multiplayer game to ever exist on the world wide web. The main objective of the game is the destroy your enemies tank the more number of times.


1Are you looking forward to downloading the tank trouble game on your computers? Well, follow the method below, Here are the steps -

1. Firstly open up the browser on your device.
2. Download tank trouble swf file -
3. Now download any swf player.
4. Play the game using the swf player or simply drag and drop the file on chrome browser.




DIY: Fixing IertUtil DLL Errors


Let me start this article by giving you a clear meaning of Iertutil.dll. Iertutil.dll is a utility for Internet Explorer to effectively function. If it is missing, the user will not be able to run Internet Explorer and the computer may not even boot.


Major factors that causes the IertUtil.dll Error


Usually when there is an Iertutil.dll error, the computer writes:


"The ordinal 313 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll"


One of the major causes for the Iertutil.dll error is when the Internet Explorer develops issues. It could be from a missing file or a damaged and corrupt program. When there is a corrupt file, the computer is unable to read it. The error could also originate from the registry, one can only be sure if you carefully identify the source of the problem.


Fixing the IertUtil.dll Error


To fix an Iertutil.dll error, you will need to replace the corrupt/damaged file on the computer. After replacing the file, you should download another original copy and save it on your system.


c:\Windows\System32. Trace the original file (corrupt file) iertutil.dll and rename the file to iertutilBACKUP.dll.


After doing that you can then copy the new file downloaded on the internet to this location C:\Windows\System32. Click start and run the file


A Run box will appear on the screen, type "cmd" and then type in "regsvr32 iertutil.dll". Press Enter and the computer will access the fresh file.



When you are done with this fix, I advise that you wipe off the registry. The reason for this is so that if there are any errors located in the registry, they will be wiped off the system. Please note that the registry has all the files and settings on the system and if there is a problem with it this will affect the whole computer.

Did You Know?

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