Mcdonalds International Menu In United States Creates A Buzz Among Customers

McDonald's, an American fast-food company, is one of the largest chains of hamburger fast-food restaurants.  Millions of customers are served by them worldwide. With regards to revenue, McDonald's is the world’s largest restaurant chain.  The United Kingdom is considered to be the best market of McDonald's in recent years. It has its chain outlets all over the world. 

The Main Products Of Mcdonald

  • 1. Hamburgers
  • 2. Cheeseburgers
  • 3. Chicken products
  • 4. French fries
  • 5. Breakfast items
  • 6. Milkshakes
  • 7. Soft drinks
  • 8. Desserts

The company has also added to its menu salads, smoothies, fruits, fish, etc.

Mcdonald's Has Brought A New Set Of International Menu To The United States

McDonalds has come with four new international menu items which have created a new buzz and excitement among the customers. The four new items are Stroopwafel McFlurry, the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger, the Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich and, Cheesy Bacon Fries use the official mcdvoice coupons to get more discount on this items. The new items have been introduced on June 5. The items are from the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and, Australia. Although the items are new, they are not different from what is already being served in McDonald's. Editorial director of Food News Media at QSR magazine said that the international items don’t require many new ingredients. According to him, they are fairly easy to do. He further elaborated that this introduction of new international items in the menu can be considered a move to increase sales in the short term. But again this would not be much gainful in the long term.

What McDonald’s Vice President Had To Say

McDonald's expects that at least one of the items will receive a good response from the customers. The chain had introduced the cheesy bacon fries for a limited period in January, which received a very positive reaction from customers.  Linda VanGosen, McDonald's vice president of menu innovation, said,” We know our US customers are curious about McDonald's international menu items.”  McDonald's serves different items in different locations taking in view the demand of the local people.  Americans travel to international places a lot and so their craze for the international menu is very high. Last month McDonald's also started selling a meatless burgers, called the Big Vegan TS, in its German restaurants. MacDonald has tried these changes in the menu to increase speed and efficiency.

 McDonald's has always been known for bringing changes in its menu according to the trending demand of the customers. Being in the business of fast food, the company has to face competition from other big food chains and regional competitors too. McDonald's focusses on standardization so that the output of employees increase and the customers are ensured of the same experience at all the locations. McDonald's is also seen focusing on the design of the outlets. Well furnished stores and wi-fi connections are some of their preferences. McDonalds has done the introductions of the new food items with some hope of a positive response. With time it will be known that how has the move responded to the revenues of the company.