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Times are hard these days. The economy is currently struggling to maintain balance every day and this has been very difficult. The labour industry is not left out in this hardship. Organizations and companies are struggling to survive and employees are been laid off constantly all to cut down costs.


Employers hardly recruit new staff these days because of the economic recession. Organizations overuse the few staff they have. Many organisations have folded up as a result and those that manage to survive have to protect themselves from experiencing the same fate. It is however important for companies to know how to manage their recruitment system so it does not affect the company’s growth.


These days, companies now manage to survive through the process of mergers and acquisitions. The problem that usually arises when a company acquires another is the issue of the retaining and reappointing all the staff of the other company all in one day.


It is very important that a company should have an organised staff management process and should also have modern software to manage the employee’s tasks, their bio-data information, staff training matters and motivation of staff. Also the staff management process should be able to manage the termination of staff in the company. The major key to managing staff is by Automating Forms and Task Management.


As stated by The Human Resources Corporate Leadership Council “increasing an employee's level of engagement could potentially improve performance by 20 per cent”.


There are many ways to motivate employees. Make certain that the new employees know and understand your organization's mission, vision, values, goals, and guidelines so they can channel their involvement in appropriate directions. Education, communication, measurement feedback and coaching keep employee involvement from becoming a free-for-all. A good work environment with systems and operational processes in place will increase the organisations growth.



When you are done with this fix, I advise that you wipe off the registry. The reason for this is so that if there are any errors located in the registry, they will be wiped off the system. Please note that the registry has all the files and settings on the system and if there is a problem with it this will affect the whole computer.

Did You Know?

Employees who are laid off as a result of the mergers and acquisition should be given some sensitisation for them to transition to the next stage of their lives especially in this critical economic situation. Companies should provide moral support for the staff leaving and they should educate them to try and be engaged in other skills.