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Sarah Corner, graduated from Birmingham University with a degree in Information Technology. She obtained her masters and doctorate degree at Stanford University in public administration. Corner has spent the first 15 years of her professional life in various private sector IT roles.


She currently works at Microsoft. She is responsible for the IT unit and provides support enterprise applications, enterprise data, research support, user support, and infrastructure, communications, and information security.


She has published various articles on media relating to computer technology. She teaches Information technology at Lincroft Middle School. She has been engaged in several projects for the provision of services that facilitate cost-effective information processing and telecommunication solutions for agencies and institutions.



When you are done with this fix, I advise that you wipe off the registry. The reason for this is so that if there are any errors located in the registry, they will be wiped off the system. Please note that the registry has all the files and settings on the system and if there is a problem with it this will affect the whole computer.

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Employees who are laid off as a result of the mergers and acquisition should be given some sensitisation for them to transition to the next stage of their lives especially in this critical economic situation. Companies should provide moral support for the staff leaving and they should educate them to try and be engaged in other skills.